Tracking Website Traffic on



There are a few drawbacks to using . One of them being, you have to use their “site stats” to see who visits your site. It doesn’t really give you a lot of information ,but for some people it is enough. I would love to put Google analytics on here but doesn’t allow it yet.  I have been using another tracker from , they will give you information on the first 500 visitors for free, then it’s $5 per Month.  And I’ve got to tell you this site is amazing. They will tell you what country, operating system, screen resolution, internet provider, what keywords people used to find your site, plus a whole lot more , and it’s very easy to read. Like I have said before, I don’t have any affiliation with sites I mention on this blog, other than the fact that I think they either have a useful product or just a cool site. 

  Statcounter shows you how to install their code on It’s really simple and I think you will like it ,so give it a try . Have fun


4 Responses to Tracking Website Traffic on

  1. jack wills says:

    5$ for a month is not a bad idea i will definitely try

  2. kangana says:

    i agree with jack…. really more than worth

  3. shery says:

    me too agree… I will definitely give it a try. a very nice tool to track the website traffic

  4. papazz23 says:

    is there any alternatives that we can use it for free without no terms?

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