Website Content

December 13, 2010

  Here is a snippet of text from a Website that sells backlinks ,        

  “what are dofollow backlinks? Essentially, these are back again links placed on web web sites which may well be not promoting “no follow” processes. When a net site is deeming the inbound links on its web page as being no stick to backlinks, it is usually telling the major yahoo and google not to think about these back again links as viable or worthwhile.”
   What the Heck did he just say?  I know what he is trying to say, but most people won’t. When I come across sites like this I usually don’t hang around too long. Content is very important to any site, especially how it’s presented. I don’t mind a few spelling mistakes or grammar errors. But if your site has paragraphs like the last one ,then it tells me that you might not be that person I want to buy something from. If your too lazy to use spellcheck or proofread your own work, why would I trust you with my money?
   When I write a post on my blog I use the spellcheck provided by WordPress. It works really well and picks up some grammar errors also.  BUT, I do like to go back to old posts and proofread them time and time again. And yes, I keep finding small errors here and there. A left out word or a sentence that doesn’t really make sense and could be written better.
   It’s weird that I don’t  pick up these small problems after the first or second proofread. I think my brain is not allowing me to see some mistakes ,because as I read it  my brain compensates for the mistakes. It knows what I meant to write. Sounds plausible ,Right?
   Anyone who has a monetized site should really pay attention as to how their content looks and sounds to someone else. Have a friend or associate go over what you’ve written and offer suggestions. If you have some money then you might want to hire a copywriter to write the entire website for you. They will make sure it is written properly and will optimize it for the search engines with keywords and phrases. These services can become quite expensive , so get a few quotes before you hire someone.
 So now after proofreading this post 10 times before I post it ,  I wait for someone to pick out any mistakes I’ve made. 

Finally-Page One on Google

December 9, 2010

   I was really excited to see this blog finally make it to page one, line #10 on Google for the search term Total Noob.  I started out  in the high 700’s , then moved to the 400’s, one day I was at 281 then bounced back up to The 400’s again. This site was pretty much stuck in the low 400 range for a long time so I had to figure out what else I could do to improve my ranking.

   On a monetized site google likes to see a link to your  privacy policy in the footer, it’s actually a requirement if you’re using Adsense on the site. I ‘m not selling anything or taking any information from people so this site doesn’t have a privacy policy. Maybe I’ll put one on later just to see if it helps rank.

   I did add a contact page to this site. I only had three pages and I think Google likes to see more than three. Nobody can say for sure what Google’s formula  for success is. Their algorithm is a  closely held secret. But if you follow basic seo guidelines and then experiment a little you might figure out a few things and rank higher.

  I had been hearing that having a video on your site would improve rankings , so on  my last post I included a video. I guess the term” help rankings” is an understatement because I shot up 400 positions right onto page one of google.

  Now, I know that the search term Total Noob isn’t a very popular one and to try to make money with it may prove futile. But this site is also an experiment in progress. We are learning together as I cross into new territory.

   If I type  in “Total Noob” into Google search ,It tells me there are 1,450,000 relevant sites. If I then lookup on Adwords keyword tool for the term “Total Noob”, I see the Global monthly searches is only 1000 and Local search is only 170. So not a lot of people are trying to find me and the competition is fairly high.

   Lets look at another search term like ,SEO. Suppose I wanted to have a site about Search engine optimization and wanted to try to make money from the website. Global monthly searches for the term SEO = 9,140,000,  local search  = 2,240,000 . Wow , that’s a lot of people searching that term.But now lets see what the competition is. There are 247,000,000 other sites out there using the same keyword ,”seo”. But only 10 can rank on Google’s first page. What a dilemma !

 I will be ratcheting up the effort to achieve the ultimate goal, Page One -Position One  on Google, But for now , I’m going to take some time and enjoy the moment.

Making A Website

December 7, 2010


   So your finally ready to make that big leap and make your own website. You’ve been researching how to go about it for some time now and it feels like your head is going to explode from all the information your trying to process. It’ won’t to be that hard, I promise you.

  You have a choice of building your own site on software like Dreamweaver, which you can then upload to your hosting site. This requires knowing some programming languages like html and css. You can also use the host sites website building packages. Some use WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) which means whatever you type or however you set up page with media and text ,it will be published exactly as you have edited it. It’s really easy , no programming language to learn. I have done a couple of sites this way on network .  

    I am going to recommend a site to you that I think is well worth reading. This site explains exactly what to expect when you make a website and try to monetize it.  He’s had it up and running for close to two years now and  he walks you through the ups and downs he has experienced in that time. His site is also chock full of statistics on everything to do with a website. Here’s the url

  One thing you will notice about this blog,  if I recommend a website it’s because I think it has value. I will not just suggest to you anything  that would be a waste of your time and mine . So , after your done visiting that site, I want  you to watch this video. It’s from 2008, but the info is still relevant. Matt Cutts  is an engineer , spokesman, Guru , who works for Google and offers some pointers on basic seo for your website. 

Who Makes Money Online?

December 6, 2010


   I’ve gotten quite a few Emails from people telling me my site is great, lots of useful information,Yada Yada,  but they complain that I’m not telling them how to actually make money online.They bitch at me ( in a nice way of course) that I’m only telling them my bad experiences.

  Guess what?, I haven’t  found The Holy Grail Yet, I haven’t found that secret formula that will propel me  into the ranks of the rich and famous. What I have found are gazillion’s of sites that promise to make me money. All I have to do is buy their program. Most of these sites are Questionable at best, or outright scams. Believe me I’m still looking, as soon as I try something that works, and I make good money, I will report back to everyone on it. But in the meantime just learn from my mistakes.

   A major part of learning how to make money online is learning what not to do. It’s better to be an educated consumer , it will save you money in the process. I feel bad for the people who jump right in to some  money making opportunity without fully investigating what’s being offered, or what’s involved to make that money. With the internet ,you can find out about almost any money-making  program out there.

   I came across a very well written site that  will tell you about some ways to make money. The money-making systems are reviewed by people who give their un-biased opinion.They rate the sites . And the site gives a whole bunch of info on not getting scammed. Here’s the link  .  I think this site is perfect for the Total Noob who’s looking to make money online. It will definitely open your eyes as to what’s going on out there on the web. And as always, I have no connection or affiliation with any site I mention on this blog.


December 3, 2010


 I’ve been talking lately about Serp results and getting a high-ranking position for your webpage. One of the key ingredients to achieving this is to have backlinks pointing to your site. And there are Quality backlinks and Junk backlinks. If you have backlinks from a site with a high page rank it will definately help your rankings.

   So how do you go about getting backlinks?

1. leave comments on blogs or sites that allow search engine spiders to follow your link back to your site. Here is a link to a site that lists a whole bunch of “do follow” sites This list is  according to highest page rank first.

2.You can Write articles that are relevant to your site and include a link in the article back to your site. Then put it on article submission sites.

        All this can be extremely time-consuming so you can also

3 Buy backlinks

       You might want to do this especially when your site is new, but you have to be careful about a few things.  If all of a sudden you get 20,000 links, when yesterday you only had 100 links. Then Google is going to know something is up and is  going to sandbox your site. You might consider it cheating but you’d be surprised at how many sites have done it.

     Another thing you have to watch out for is that the site your buying backlinks  from isn’t a total ripoff. And I have A story for this.

I follow a well known Internet Marketing Guru’s site.    He has all kinds of ads on his site that try to sell you everything from SEO optimization to Create a logo for your site and buy backlink  ads.

  So I took the plunge and ordered 5700 backlinks for another site I own, for $59.00 from  After a  month went by I still had no backlinks. I contacted the company and  was told that it takes time for the spiders  to pick up on the links. OK, two months go by , still no backlinks. I contact the company again. There is no customer service , just some guy named Kenny that will get back to you if he wants to. I  email him and ask for a refund, No response. I try to do a charge back on Paypal but I’m just over the 45 day limit. At the three month mark I email him again and ask for a refund and to explain why I still have no backlinks. He actually got back to me and this is his response, and I quote,

“You got the links you paid for. Your link is in our database and is being shown across our network of 8,000 domains. “
MMMM really? So my link has been shown for the last 3 months but yet I have not received any backlinks. Have I been totally scammed? I think so.
So now you see what you have to look out for when buying links, I can’t recommend anyone, so if you’ve had a good experience with a reliable company , please share it with the rest of us.
ttom line: You need baclinks, quality baclinks are better, a lot of baclinks will help you rank better , It takes time and effort to get them. And if you try to purchase them , be careful with your money.

Make Money Parking Domain Names

December 2, 2010

                                                                                      In one of my earlier posts I talked about Making Money Buying and Selling Domain Names, Now I’m going to talk about what to do with that Domain Name while your waiting for someone to buy it.

     You buy a Domain Name before someone else grabs it . You have no plans to develop it just yet so you let it just sit at the Domain registration site where you bought it.

   Guess what they do with it? They will either put an ,”under construction” webpage up when someone types in your domain name or clicks on it in search engine  , or most likely they have put ads on it so they can make money off it while you decide what you want to do with it.

   Well, you can do the same thing. There are plenty of companies that you can park your domain at. And when people visit your site , you make money. If they click on an ad, you make money, if they click on an ad and buy something, you make more money.

   I have eight domain names at a domain parking site. They have been there for almost a month and I have made a whopping $0.18 cents. I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing. And also when you get to the web page , it tells you my domain is for sale too. Check out one of my Parked Domains here.

The trick to making money with parked domains is to have traffic coming to the site.This is also the key to almost all money-making endeavors online, Getting Traffic. This is why people will buy expired domain names that have a lot of traffic. They will cash in on the popularity of the site. Especially if it’s a developed site that had a decent amount of traffic and back links. The amount of traffic will die down eventually as the search engines figure out the website is no longer active, but until then you will make money.

You will also need to shop around to see what Domain Parking site pays the most. Yes ,some sites pay more than others. And it’s really easy to transfer dns settings to point to the Domain Name Parking site.They will have a tutorial to help you do it. That will probably that hardest thing for you to figure out , the rest is easy.

Get Rich Quick

December 2, 2010

      In this post I,m going to discuss companies selling a dream or information so you can become rich

  Before the internet became popular I was a sucker for a bunch of money-making programs. I would always see Get Rich Quick schemes on Late Night T.V. and occasionally I would buy one. Anyone remember these?

Don Lapre-Make $50,000 a week from tiny classified ad.

Mathew Lesko- Nutjob in a Question mark suit selling books on getting free stuff from the Government

S.M.C. -Buy wholesale sell retail

Yes, I bought all these programs and no I didn’t get rich. Guess who is getting rich? The people selling you the information or dream on how to get rich, That’s who ! The Internet is no different in it offerings of schemes to get rich quick. Some companies actually tell you that their program will be a lot of hard work, but if you buy my $500 dollar course, I know you can do it!

One thing I have noticed is that some of these Gurus have  made some good money, and will show you actual checks they have made. They use this as their basis for telling you ,” I did it and so can you, here’s the proof”.It’s a really good marketing technique and draws a lot of people to them.It was probably only a one time thing for them and they havent been able to duplicate the success.

I mean think about it. If you were making $50,000 a week from a one bedroom apartment like Don Lapre, why share that info with anyone?Because he probably had some limited success and he  will use that to sell you information on how he did it, which is much more lucrative than sitting around in his small apartment.

There seems to be an explosion of people interested in Internet Marketing, especially affiliate marketing. I’m just guessing but I’ll bet 80% of all money-making programs on the internet have to do with internet marketing . And there are countless self-proclaimed Gurus out there who will help you make money ,if you buy their program. Let Me tell you this, there are no secrets that you are going to buy , that you can’t get for free by searching the net.

I’m going to give you a tip, sign up for 3 or 4 internet marketing guru sites. They give away all kinds of free information because they want to keep you interested and coming back  so hopefully you will buy their program. Between those 3 or 4 sites you should be able to figure out almost all there is to know about internet marketing and affiliate marketing. And if you can’t figure it out then keep coming back to my blog because I will be covering it all eventually.

Like they say ,If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Although I’m sure there are a small percentage of people who actually make money off some schemes, I’d like to interview them to sort out the particulars, like, are you related somehow to someone in the company?And what was your actual net profit after expenses?

I have been talking to a few fellow bloggers who are actually trying to make money with Internet marketing Programs that they have purchased off some Internet Guru’s , and  I will be asking them to write a guest post after they complete course .Should be great reading.  

To sum up this post:   Do you really need to purchase that “Get Rich Program”? With the Internet you can find tons of free info on any subject about Making Money Online.